Yamaoka Yasuhiro - sheltered (2002)

yamaoka yasuhiro sheltered

01. cyst
02. noctilucent
03. occipital phone
04. plop
05. jitterbug

dokidokidance by nosaka keiichi for jitterbug from sheltered october 2002.

06. glide one
07. glide two
08. tacit dialogues
09. passing
10. froth

awaawa by nosaka keiichi for froth from sheltered october 2002.

I began my life in NY, but it was getting colder every day, therefore, I was not going outside from where I was living. I was almost sheltering myself. These pieces are composed under such circumstances.
I had been making my pieces with my friend's PC for 1-2 years. I came back to my Mac (and it was the first work made with my PowerBook G4 I recently bought) and was making these new pieces. At that time I could use only Peak and SoundEdit, I worked with these two softwares back and forth. The sources of the sounds are mostly from my past work. I guess these pieces are subtle reflections of my feelings of that time.

all tracks composed by yamaoka yasuhiro,
produced in new york, october-november/2002.
catalogue number: yor-8.

cyst, occipital phone, jitterbug and froth were released as sheltered (ep) october 2002.
The other illustrations by nosaka keiichi are exhibited at flickr: n_keiichi's photostream.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 30 seconds conceptual moments (2001)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 30 seconds conceptual moments

these sound files were made for Himekuri Calendar: a daily exhibition on the web by the artists who joined through the internet. my 30sec. c. m. is all set in the same duration of 30 seconds like a commercial video; each sound has its conceptualized background. contributing artists were asked that they should make their work under a monthly given theme.

01. indigo tones

theme: ai. I took ai for ai-iro (indigo). the noise spectrum is classified into colors, similar to the light wave spectrum; lower is red, higher is blue. based on this, Indigo Tones are made from the sound around indigo.

02. treasure search

theme: takaramono. means treasure. I searched the web for treasure, like pirates go on a treasure hunt. text data I found was edited as a poem, then transformed into background sound.

03. Thai foo

theme: tai hoo. uses rhythm patterns which are popular in Thailand country pop music.

04. surf on Jane

theme: tai hoo. it reads as typhoon, too. each typhoon, called by a female name, makes a bigger wave. it's a big try for a surfer but will also swallow him up.

05. cut, plug

theme: cut. sometimes, a spoken word in broadcasting is cut away if it's considered dirty or socially unacceptable. the word goes into silence, or a beep sound. sometimes, I hear music in it.

06. smile s.e.t.i.

theme: uchoo. the space. sine wave frequency curves draw a smile for ET.

07. sonic zoom

theme: zoom. zooming the sound in strength and length.

08. Hitomi my love

theme: hitomi. a lonely man sings a story about a girl: Hitomi!

09. dolphin party

theme: iruka. means dolphin. using the simulated sound which dolphin will make.

10. kill that bug

theme: mushi. means bug. the bad electric contact makes a noisy bug.

11. urban cricket

theme: mushi. when travelling to Seoul, Korea, I heard a strange sound of crickets. they were alarm clocks that a man was selling along the road.

12. technocut

theme: techno. a haircut with no sideburns is called as techno cut in Japan.

13. the end of groove

theme: groove. simulated sound of an analogue disk player playing at the end of the groove.

14. e-massage

theme: massage. put stereo speakers onto your shoulder, then play "e-massage" with maximum volume. is it cure? I do not guarantee you or your speakers, if you try this.

15. prayers echo

theme: inori. means praying. a mixture of chants from three different religions.

16. the last aphorist

theme: choh. means ultra. an ultra high-speed full-length version of Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss.

all files conceptualized and generated by Yamaoka Yasuhiro in January-December/2001.
background vocal on Hitomi my Love by Molder.
no catalogue number.

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