Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 1/2 after 5 (1994-1995)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1/2 after 5 (of Yamaoka Yasuhiro)

01. Clear Day Exercise
02. Boys with Hammers
03. Lost Planes
04. Push-Pull
05. Awaiting
06. Forecast
07. Day for Locomotor
08. Same as Before
09. The Room Is Empty
10. Towards a Warm Wave
extra: Cream Here Me Now!

The title 1/2 after 5 reads Half After Five: a DTM (desktop music) life after finishing my daily job. There are various compilation versions under this title including selected files from This Is A Record. Four files were mailed on the cassette tape: The Fifteen Year Itch. Seven files were mailed on the cassette tape: PROTO-PROMO 1.
All tracks composed, arranged, played and engineered by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
Recorded and mixed at home in Tokyo between October, 1994 and March, 1995.
Catalogue Number: YOR-4.

1/2 after 5 was originally released on cassette tape: YOT-4, 30.11.96.
Cream Here Me Now! was inserted between Same As Before and The Room Is Empty, only for the cassette tape release.

New remaster version was released on 30th October 2017.

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Practica (1991-2002)

YOFonts Practica

At the beginning in 1991, Practica was a 'practice' to learn how to use the font developer software: AltsysFontographer. I decided to make sanserif typeface in so-called humanist style, and it came the idea to use the form of bone from the logotype; Apple Computer, Macintosh, as the basis of letterform. The logotype was set in Apple Garamond (a version from ITC Garamond), I thought this was interesting idea at the first step. And I decided to add the taste from my favourite sanserif typefaces a little bit.

I drew sketches on paper, then scanned and transferred to Macintosh, began making my first font on AltsysFontographer. At first, I drew Medium weight. Light weight was made by scaling lines at 50%, Black weight was made by scaling lines at 200%. One Italic for Light weight was designed in rather arbitrary way than the uprights. I intended to form Practica family includes 4 complements to fit 'practical' usages such as: Light for text, Italic for caption, Medium for headline, Black for titling.

In 1997, I began to maintain Practica again to make it more 'practical/practiced' typeface. Added interpolated Regular/Bold weights, Italic complements for expanded variations in 5 weights. Designing Practica has turned into another 'practice' to make more fine typeface, not for learning how to use the software.

Later, some alternative "modern styled" variations have been built into MsF collection.

is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1991-2002.

Practica is Shareware (MacOS PostScript Type1).

Download free sample (TrueType): Windows | MacOS

Practica MsF
Download free sample (TrueType): Windows | MacOS


Elementa Sans, Serif & Script (1990-1998)

YOFonts Elementa

Before, there was only a bit-mapped Chicago font for Macintosh. The outline font of it did not exist yet. So, I designed Elementa Sans in 1990; a Chicago font in my own style, drawn with AdobeIllustrator. Designing under rather strict rules, examples; no use of leaning lines, use round corner where angular element appears, etc.

At first, "H Bold" was designed. "Light" came next. It is the version which has thinner stem (the vertical bar). Then came, the idea for the version with serif. I designed it in the same way with thinner stem. The result; "Serif Bold" is almost a "Roman Serif" style. "Serif Light" is near to an "Egyptian Serif" style. In addition, the bolder (horizontal) bar version "V Bold" and the bolder stem and bar version "E Bold" are designed. These variations in weight are derived from the word processer's ability to make variable styles for any font such as; "Horizontally Bold", "Vertically Bold", or "Whole Bold". Some characters had not yet been completed, such as those requiring European accent notations, but, I began to design again at t
he end of 1997.
Also, I started to make a script version complete; It is based on an unrealesed bold face "R Bold (Roman Bold)" which is the sanserif version of Elementa Serif Bold. One of the trial script faces drawn in 1992-1993. Re-designed and completed in 1998.

Elementa is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1990-1998.

Elementa Sans, Serif & Script are Shareware (MacOS PostScript Type1).

Download free sample (TrueType): Windows | MacOS


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Yamaocan Groove (1996)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Yamaocan Groove

01. Beating Introduction
02. Loose Jet
03. Play With Fire
04. Half Way Out
05. Stirring Up The Ocean
06. The Side Line
07. Beyond This River
08. Dawning After

Easy Groove.

I wanted to make something more familiar than 1/2 after 5. My friends always said that my music sounds "difficult". To me, my music in 1/2 after 5 is not difficult, and I thought if my music sounds like that, it's because it doesn't sound familiar to my friends. The tunes in Yamaocan Groove may be weird for them, but I think they have a more familiar POP feeling.

Beating Introduction is joined with the tape of Maxmin vol.8.

all files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
recorded at home in Tokyo, May-June, 1996.
catalogue number: YOR-1.

Yamaocan Groove was originally released on cassette tape: YOT-1, 07.07.96.

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parabola - microphony (1996)


i, ii, iii, iv

the title of microphony is taken from a technical term for sound feedback.
these compositions do not come from this technique, but the image of it. a promotion version of microphony i is joined with the tape of maxmin vol.9.

all files composed and produced by parabola, january, 1996. catalogue number: yor-2.

microphony i & iv were originally released on compact cassette tape: yot-2 on 22.01.96.

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