Practica (1991-2002)

YOFonts Practica

At the beginning in 1991, Practica was a 'practice' to learn how to use the font developer software: AltsysFontographer. I decided to make sanserif typeface in so-called humanist style, and it came the idea to use the form of bone from the logotype; Apple Computer, Macintosh, as the basis of letterform. The logotype was set in Apple Garamond (a version from ITC Garamond), I thought this was interesting idea at the first step. And I decided to add the taste from my favourite sanserif typefaces a little bit.

I drew sketches on paper, then scanned and transferred to Macintosh, began making my first font on AltsysFontographer. At first, I drew Medium weight. Light weight was made by scaling lines at 50%, Black weight was made by scaling lines at 200%. One Italic for Light weight was designed in rather arbitrary way than the uprights. I intended to form Practica family includes 4 complements to fit 'practical' usages such as: Light for text, Italic for caption, Medium for headline, Black for titling.

In 1997, I began to maintain Practica again to make it more 'practical/practiced' typeface. Added interpolated Regular/Bold weights, Italic complements for expanded variations in 5 weights. Designing Practica has turned into another 'practice' to make more fine typeface, not for learning how to use the software.

Later, some alternative "modern styled" variations have been built into MsF collection.

is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1991-2002.

Practica is Shareware (MacOS PostScript Type1).

Download free sample (TrueType): Windows | MacOS

Practica MsF
Download free sample (TrueType): Windows | MacOS

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