Conte Sans (1998-2014)

YOFonts Conte Sans

Conte Sans was designed as a more generic version of my Practica. Around 1998, while maintaining Practica, I thought that I could make my new font in a humanist sanserif category with a bit narrow proportion by modifying Practica into a little more rational look. Practica has narrow proportion, this would be a good basis for this new typeface. I began with the heavy weight, then with the light weight. The heavy weight was almost completed then, but the light weight had not been done yet. Later in 2002, to use this new typeface for my music project, I completed the heavy weight with the alternate characters. But still the light weight, the trial italics and the other interporated three weights were left imcomplete and abondoned. In 2014, I finally finished this Conte Sans family entirely.

Conte Sans was designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1998-2014.

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yamaoka yasuhiro - perecule (2014)

yamaoka yasuhiro perecule

01. picotoque
02. parastoll
03. pelegloth
04. pridocine
05. pseuzool
06. pygnaat
07. plifillon
08. phasimor
09. puctexil
10. peavrizo
11. psymoss
12. pougrondam

all audio processings recorded between 23rd september and 6th october 2014.

catalogue number: yor-34

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Interior (2013)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Interior

created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 2013.

audio: created in January 2004.
visuals: originally taken in May 2011, processed and edited in April 2013.
original size: 1280x720px, duration: 05‘13”.

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the video is also on youtube.
Interior is taken from an album The Vague System


yamaoka yasuhiro - the switch (or unidentified frequency oscilltor) (2006)

yamaoka yasuhiro the switch (or unidentified frequency oscillator)


01. ip_h
02. ip_f
03. ip_m
04. ip_y

programmed, recorded and mixed by yamaoka yasuhiro, august 27th-september 10th 2006, tokyo japan.
use waving isolation

init_puls :: reviewed by n


init_puls :: reviewed by n (english translation: y with m)

like toffee with a new texture that's tasteless! the weird toffee is just for textural fun in the mouth. while playing its hard surface with back teeth, saliva begins oozing out slowly, making it wet and soft, suddenly the surface peels off little by little, its rough interior appears, still rolling on the tongue, wondering what kind of layer is revealed, soon the deeper layer is separated, the gluey something begins sticking to the teeth, just before it melts away, tiny hard grains spread fully around the mouth... . .

init_puls :: reviewed by n (興奮和訳)

....タフィー。..充填、新しいShoccan、どうにか。 そのうえ、ノーというのは味がします。Shoccanだけの楽しみのための奇妙なタフィー。時がたつうちに最初に、騒々しくプレーするとIsが汚す大臼歯とRiyanwa?糞のWhatで困難であるのが、突然Horohoroを剥き取って、秋が表面であるということであるということであるので唾液 Gewagewaであり、ふさわしいRiを考えながら、荒い層、およびいつに見えますか?内部の層が、それが疑わしいのですが、舌の上の Corocorocororin♪でそれを回転させている間、はげて、それが終わるとさらに、思うなら。Nechanecha Ts歯か今回…・・に溶けます。拡大… 満。固いTsbtsb、小さく、溶けることを終える前に口の動きで伝えます。

init_puls :: reviewed by n (excited english translation)

...toffee.. ..filling.. of new Shoccan somehow. Moreover, a no taste. Strange toffee for the enjoyment only of Shoccan. Is saliva Gewagewa in the course of time first because it is hard when clatteringly playing with by the molar?Is does blot and the shit?Riyanwa?What is it does peel off suddenly Horohoro, fall the surface, appear a rough layer, and when thinking becoming Ri?If the layer in the interior in addition thinks that it flaked off while rolling it with Corocorocororin on the tongue though it is dubious, it finishes ..Nechanecha Ts..melting to teeth or, this time, ... . . ..the extension... a full ..hard Tsbtsb.. mouth small before it finishes of melting


05. ritomica 1
06. ritomica 2
07. ritomica 3

all files created by yamaoka yasuhiro, february 2006, tokyo japan.
oh, what a clap!

the switch (or unidentified frequency oscillator)

08. the switch 01
09. the switch 02
10. the switch 03
11. the switch 04
12. the switch 05
13. the switch 06
14. the switch 07
15. the switch 08
16. the switch 09
17. the switch 10

at the beginning of this project, the title was u.f.o. (unidentified frequency oscillator). while processing the sound files for this project, suddenly, an image came to my head: a switch on my forehead. it became very obsessive to me. i decided to change the title from u.f.o. to the switch.

i was recalling when i was child, it was great fun to play with the switches on the panel of audio devices. such as; tape recorders, amplifiers, radios, etc. these new electric toys gave me much influence in my improvisation. and yes, it was greater fun than practising the piano.

and i understand why the switch on my forehead. i am still doing the similar things with the new audio device: personal computer. i am just playing with the switches on the screen, like in my childhood.

i may be obsessed by the switch on the panel of u.f.o.

all switches built by yamaoka yasuhiro, april-october 2006, tokyo japan.
turn on the switch

catalogue number: yor-18

released on 15.10.2006.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Four Variations in Stretch (2013)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Four Variations in Stretch

01. Choir and the Phantom Strings
02. The Pianist Is Sleeping
03. Rocking Rolls
04. A Long Walk

Granular synthesis technology produces a quality of sound stretching without tonal pitch changes. When sound is over stretched, it causes a metallic feeling with a kind of quirky trembling from the granulated synthesis texture. Even though the result is not so smooth, the effect is like a microscopic view, zooming into the details of the sound. With this technique, the sound can be controlled for the wished duration and pitch, and short sound can be transformed into another kind of longer aural experience.

Four Variations in Stretch was created with this stretch technique and pitch changes from May to December 2013 by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

Choir and the Phantom Strings: male chorus, The Pianist Is Sleeping: piano, Rocking Rolls: electric guitars, basses and drums, A Long Walk: a city noise.

Catalogue number: YOR-32

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