COSMOS - Stars & Delirium (2000)

COSMOS Stars & Delirium

01. Time Is Back Again
02. Matteru (Everyone Is Waiting)
03. Trance
04. Ronri (Logic)
05. Kindan no Mi (Forbidden Fruit)
06. Poplar
07. Gensoh Hour (Illusion Time)
08. Bye, Bye, Bye
09. Endless Drive
10. Minna Esoragoto (The War That Never Happen Here)
11. Ano Ko Wha Angel (She's An Angel)
12. Yotsume no Dharma (Four Eyed Dharma)
13. Sekai no Tobira (Door Of The World)

Mariko Itoh: vocal.
Toru Matsuura: guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizer, vocal.
Music by COSMOS.
Recording: August 2000.
Remixed and designed by Yasuhiro Yamaoka, March 2011.

An acoustic music duo COSMOS turned into electronic pop duo! Their third album in 2000 is re-issued here in 2011.

Toru Matsuura official web page
Toru Matsuura (music archive) in YOWorks

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Midiet (1990-2009)

YOFonts Midiet Sans & Serif

After long intermittent attempts, the letterset developed from the 1990 design scratches for Midiety was modified to adjust the proportional relationships of the capital letters to the lowercase forms and numeral images, and given the name of Midiet. This typeface was finished in early January 2009. Later that same month I added two additional weights: light and medium.

Midiety was the source for my Engraver Sans and Pica typefaces. Together with new comer Midiet, the trio forms an extended family.

Midiet is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1990-2009.

Download free font (OpenType) Midiet Sans, Midiet Serif | A3 specimen poster


Opuscula Sans & Serif (2008-2011)

YOFonts Opuscula Sans & Serif

Opuscula was originally designed as a condensed version of Midiet. There were unused alternative letterforms for Midiet. and some of them fit well into a condensed proportion. These alternative characters were combined to form condensed Midiet. It now has another name: Opuscula. Because of this, Opuscula shares many similar characteristics of Midiet.

Opuscula Sans & Serif
is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 2008-2011.

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