parabola - fragmentator (1996-1999)


01-99. fragmentator

saving or deleting files on the computer disk again and again, causes the fragmentation: the files and the vacant part of the disk break into small-fragments.
fragmentator is a simulation of this "fragmentation" on 99 odd sound fragments (including the blank parts). 99 is the limit of file number with audio cd. each file for mp3 version is made with the same duration. random (shuffle) playback is recommended.

all files composed and produced by parabola.
recorded and fragmentated in september/1996-march/1999,
re-sectioned and divided into mp3 files in may/2006.
catalogue number: yor-6.

fragmentator was originally released on compact disc recordable: yor-6 on 27.03.99.

download mp3 package | last.fm radio

open fragmentator_player.html by web browser software to play fragmentator.

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