Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Yeppie's Astronotes! (2001)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Yeppie's Astronotes!

01. Astrosonar
02. Without Aliens
03. The First Contact
04. Mimic
05. Sight in a Moment
06. Constellation Tour
07. Distorted Radiation
08. Flexure
09. Unknown Favourites
10. Anonymous Resident
11. Without Aliens (intrigue)
extra. Without Aliens (intrigue - pilot edit)

all trax by Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) except The First Contact, Constellation Tour, Anonymous Resident by Yeppie/Molder.
produced at Molder's room in January-March/2001.
special thanx to Molder and ACE.
catalogue number: YOR-10.

private release: 9th/March/2001.
official release: 1st/September/2004.

Without Aliens (intrigue - pilot edit) is an extra file edited by Molder for
Yeppie's Astronotes!.

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