Meri Collazos Solà - Handle for the Axe (2010)

Meri Collazos Solà Handle for the Axe

a documentary film about the artist Anthony Stellaccio.
directed by Meri Collazos Solà.
music by Yamaoka Yasuhiro: 20'35" from Music for an Exhibition (1985).

original size: 1280px x 720px, duration: 12'01".

Handle for the Axe exhibition will be held at DCAC (District of Columbia Arts Center), 15th October - 14th November 2010.

Meri Collazos Solà web pages:
video-works by Meri Collazos-Sola
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The original music is available here: Out of the Room, Aircheck, Music for an Exhibition.

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