yamaoka yasuhiro - spongeman (out/space) (2002)

yamaoka yasuhiro spongeman (out/space)
originator: nosaka keiichi, converter: yamaoka yasuhiro

01. spongeman 1 (outing space)

02. spongeman 2 (spacing out)

03. spongeman 3 (out of space)

04. spongeman 4 (space to out)

05. spongeman 5 (out from space)

06. spongeman 6 (space of out)

Work in this series is made from consecutive tunes spongeman from Nosaka's Home Page. A reason for the work is that I like the imagery of sponges from his tunes. Another reason is, I got the (trivial) idea of word playing n > y, because I was living in NY at that time. At first, I gave them the title spongespace. Later, I changed it to add subtitles using two words: out/space. The reason why space is used, is that the name like ...man seems to be used for the man who came from outer space with unbelievable amazing powers and abilities. Their sounds are with sound effector softwares. The images are also converted by using many effects similar to the sounds. Sometimes, converting includes a nuance of usurping.

all files originated by n, converted by y, november/2002.
no catalogue number.

original spongeman page in Nosaka's Home Page.
spongeman page in Internet Archive.

download mp3 package

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