Eau Naturelle Sans (2003-2010)

YOFonts Eau Naturelle Sans

The name Eau Naturelle is taken from French for natural water. It is made from abandoned alternative characters that were designed for Moderno; a sanserif typeface based on the skeletal structure of form from a Roman serif style 18th century typeface called Bodoni. These discarded characters were modified for another version of Eau Sans that was designed as a generic typeface. This natural version has a warmer feeling accomplished through the use of a Roman serif style format modified using a traditional sanserif flavor. The Eau Naturelle Sans family contains three more weights than the Eau Sans: thin, light & medium. The Italic compliments are still being drawn.

Eau Naturelle Sans is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 2003-2010.

Download free font (OpenType) | A3 specimen poster

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