Yamaoka Yasuhiro - VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) (2006)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading)

01. VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading)
02. Ceremony Study
03. Pilgrimage
extra. Scriptures

VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) was originally composed as background music for reading VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69: poetry by Ukai Rope/Hisaka Yogo. (these two names are used for the poet. both the new name and the old one.) in December 2005, he asked me how to record his readings with background music into a personal computer, possibly, with new original music. in March 2006, he brought me his rehearsal recording of poetry readings with his pianist friend playing background drone "cosmic" organ sounds. the duration of this recording is over 38 minutes. VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) is composed from the images of this rehearsal recording. I dubbed his alternative poetry reading over this new original music.

all music by Yamaoka Yasuhiro, March 2006.
front image was taken in Urawa, Saitama, January 2006.
catalogue number: YOR-16

originally released on 22.3.2006.

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