Classiq (1992-2013)

YOFonts Classiq

Just after designing Practica, I began to draw another typeface in 1992 that was tentatively called Garamond Sans. As the name shows, this sans serif face has references to the various versions of Garamond including ATF, Monotype, Simoncini, Stempel, Adobe and so on. Practica is a sans serif face with a bone structure that is derived from Apple Garamond, but one that has a different proportion than the original Garamond. I then thought it would be an interesting challenge to make another sans serif adaptation of this well-known Old Roman style mid 16th century typeface.
Modern versions of the typeface Garamond are essentially based on the original cuts by Claude Garamond, however, some of the modern revivals, that I used as references, are based on re-cuts by Jean Jannon. Their italics are based on a design by Robert Granjon. The structure of the typeface that I have drawn is a mixture of these, therefore, in 2002, I changed the name of my Garamond Sans to Classiq.

Initially, my Garamond Sans only had a regular weight. The drawings were on paper; some of them were digitized, some were not. They just looked like sketches that were never completed and forgotten for a while. Later in 2002, I decided to expand the original weight to include 6 variations, and then changed the name of this typeface to Classiq. I discarded the old drawings on paper, and began to draw my new character variations on computer. I still could not pick the right ones from these additional variations, so just before the completion of Classiq, I constructed another family, Classiq Choix, with some alternative characters that included tabular numerals. Choix has a little more modern feeling than does the regular set of Classiq.

After the completion of Classiq I decided to make another alternative family with tails: Classiq Queue. I still had an idea for italic characters with tails that referred to Garamond Italic, but I almost abandoned this. At first, it only served as an italic accompaniment to the regular upright Classiq. Later I added shorter tails to the upright characters; then rebuilt the Queue family. The Queue italic looks closer to the Garamond Italic, but as a result, the Queue upright looks as if it has come far from its original reference.

Classiq is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1992-2013.

Download free font (OpenType) Classiq, Classiq Choix, Classiq Queue, | A3 specimen poster (Classiq, Classiq Choix, Classiq Queue)


  1. This is a really lovely font. If I wanted to use it as a web font for a client's site, could I buy a license for it?

  2. Thank you, Valerie. You don't need to buy the license for web font usage. You can use YOFonts FREE for commercial project including web pages.

  3. Dear Mr. Yasuhiro,

    I am very much impressed by the fine fonts of the Classiq family, which I found in search for a sans to go with Garamond.
    I would love to use the font in nonprofit work, however, I have been instructed to search for a font under the OFL (Open Font License), which allows for free passing on to third parties and if necessary, for modifications (as in adding a logo as a glyph).
    I consider your free of charge gift of the fonts alreaqdy as very generous, but could you consider licensing it under OFL as well? A dual license (under your current terms and under the OFL) is always a possibility.

    Kind regards


  4. The website yoworks dot com does not answer so the links are broken. It would be possible to download Classiq from elsewhere?