EPF (1999-2006)


I wanted to make the new font for my YOWorks web site around 1999. Sketches for some characters were drawn, but these had never been realized. Instead of this plan, I used Pixe and Smoo in some web pages of my YOWorks.
Around 2002, I picked up the sketches for upper cases, and made a font containing only upper cases with alternative characters; assigned into lower case keys. This font is called EPF. Later, I picked up the lower case sketches, and made a font containing only lower cases: similar to EPF. These two fonts come to build one font family which consists of EPF UC and EPF LC. Combining UC and LC in 2003, here the new family members have appeared: EPF UUL and EPF LUL. This sanserif font family in geometric, modern and naive feeling has been compiled like this way.
Added bolder compliments for EPF family in 2006, made additional characters in 2008 and 2013.

EPF is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1999-2006.

Download free font (OpenType) EPF | A3 specimen poster

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