parabola - loopholds (1998-2018)

parabola loopholds

i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi

around 1977, i came to know about 1min/3min looped cassette tape, and got the idea of playing numbers of looped sound endlessly at the same time. but, it was too difficult to prepare the looped cassette tapes and the players, i couldn't coplete this idea. This time, i tried the similar idea with audio editor software on computer.

all files composed and produced by parabola.
recorded in tokyo, saitama, new york, february 1998 - march 2018.
mixed in july, 2007 - march, 2018.

catalogue number: yor-22

the extended one hour versions are available.

Download mp3 package | flac package (48khz/24bit)

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