James Makins ceramics (2010-)

James Makins ceramics

The web gallery for an American ceramic artist James Makins has been opened on the 1st January 2010 as a part of YOGallery for YOWorks. Here is the introduction from James Makins ceramics.

Welcome to the James Makins ceramics web gallery. It has been opened as a part of YOGalley for YOWorks. James Makins is a NY based American ceramic artist, who is also working in Tokoname, Japan. His exceptional work has been collected by museums such as the American Crafts Museum (now the Museum of Arts and Design), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Museum, and so on. The influence of his work has now spread all over the world. He has begun a new trend. After your visit here, you might recognize much ceramic work under his influence everywhere.

The world of contemporary ceramic art is less known by the general public even though ceramic ware is very common in our lives. James Makins is already a well known artist in this territory. I hope this web gallery will help you to know his work and thoughts outside of that small circle.

Yamaoka Yasuhiro (YOWorks) 2009.

James Makins ceramics URL is;

The image above: Untitled (1993) by James Makins, photo by Joshua Shreier.

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