Yamaoka Yasuhiro - From the Buried Stack (2007)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro From the Buried Stack

a compilation of found electronic soundscape fragments in 1996-2004.

27:00 (2004)

01. 00:30a
02. 00:30b
03. 01:30
04. 02:00
05. 02:30
06. 03:00
07. 03:30
08. 04:00
09. 04:30
10. 05:00

These 10 files were created originally for an untitled album in 2004. The first plan was including 19 files: 00:30/01:00/01:30/02:00/02:30/03:30/04:00/04:30/05:00/05:30/06:00/06:30/07:00/07:30/08:00/08:30/09:00/09:30/10:00.
The total duration was 95:30, but this was too long to write on to one cd-r. So, I decided to delete the last 2 files: 9:30 & 10:00. This gets it down to 75:30.
The project began in late february 2004. I made trial files, but they suddenly disappeared for the operation system software crashing. The computer needed re-installing it.
When re-started working on this plan, I almost lost my motivation to keep this going on. So, the unfinished album stopped at 27:00, with 2 trial versions for 00:30 and the lost 01:00.
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro March/2004.

transfer (1999-2000)

11. transferevb
12. transfer

transfer originally created for pole.ep, December 1999. I made another file browse it! from working file of transfer, and this has become track2 of pole.ep.
Later, in August 2000, I made transferevb as a part of macro/run. transfer+ is the mixture of transfer and transferevb
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/1999-August/2000.

macro/run (1999-2000)

13. introx
14. tr3x
15. tr1x
16. tr2x
17. intro
18. macro1
19. macroD
20. 2
21. Beat5

macro/run had to be organized to the one single piece.
The work had been done from November 1999 to August 2000. But, many files were destroyed for some hard drive problems, and I could not rescue them. What only I have now are very small parts and fragments of trial mixes.
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/1999-August/2000.

rytmpt (2000)

22. rytmpt

a part of abondoned ep project in 2000. the ep included macro/run.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro July/2000.

telestep (2002)

23. telestep

for Shumekuri Calendar project. recorded in NY, USA.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/2002.

1000FM (2000)

24. a
25. a+b
26. b

1000FM is not a proper title for this project. These pieces should be continued as; a, a+b, b, b+c, c, c+d, d, etc. And these pieces should be merged as one long composition.
I don't remember why this project had been terminated. That's why it took very longer time to realize the idea than I expected, I guess...
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro August/2000.

20.01.96 (1996)

27. 20.01.96

recorded as an trial improvised playing for microphony iv by parabola.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro January/1996.

No catalogue number.

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