yamaoka yasuhiro - phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements) (2003)

yamaoka yasuhiro phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

01. phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

Symphony in 5 movements is made from consecutive compositions phantom guitar from the web site of Nosaka. QuickTime Player has the function to be able to play more than two files at the same time, I tried to play all six files of phantom guitar in some style like a DJ would. The result was nicer than I expected. This is the beginning of this project. Glenn Branca is the composer known for his own ear-roaring guitar orchestra. His well-known compositions have the title Symphony. After this, I add the subtitle Symphony to my work using six phantom guitars. Each movement constructs the symphony as: A1a-A2a-B-A2b-A1b, each duration is: 20sec, 40sec, 60sec, 80sec, 100sec. Ahead of each movement, there is a silent part: 1sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec. Total duration was planned as 5min 15sec, but I don't know why, it is 5min 14sec in actual duration (the one lost second might have been eaten by phantom). Also, each movements has hidden subtitle: Chaos, Haunting, Sealed, Releasing, Invasion. This formation is taken from classic symphonies, because they have a certain aesthetic style of construction.

Yamaoka Yasuhiro, November/2003

original files created by n, symphonized by y, november/2003.
no catalogue number.

original phantom guitar page in Nosaka's Home Page.
phantom guitar page in Internet Archive.

Download MP3: phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

There are also the variations which are done by Nosaka Keiichi himself with phantom drums by K.T: phantom3.

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