Anaheim Records (1998-2000)

Anaheim Records (January 1998 - May 2000)

Do you know about Anaheim Records? About the music label that existed mostly on the web for a year and a half. This music label, that Shigehito Funaki who lived in Ibaraki is thought to have been launched with his brother and friends in January 1998, already appeared on the web in October of the same year. But, around the end of May 2000, the label put "announcement of resting" to their web page, and they never come back again.
Not like today (I am writing this in 2007), distributing music MP3 was not so common at that time. The label began their trial MP3 music distribution in February 1999 under such a circumstance. They even planned releasing music only through MP3 formatted package. If they have survived for today, they might become the one of oldest netlabels.
The web project Techno Scholarship was the beginning. The aim of this project was; to exhibit the remixes for a chosen composition by the contributers who joined mostly through the web, to sell the compilation CD of their remixes and to pay back the sales to the contributors. That was why the project called scholarship, but actually, the CD had never been sold enough.
Techno Scholarship continued to the third round. But many changes happened around the private life of Anaheim Records owner Funaki Shigehito, he could not keep the activities for the label any more. Producing the third CD was postponed forever. Therefore, YOWorks here took over the producion and the distribution of the third CD. And now, the MP3s and the card data for CD from the all three rounds are still available here on the web.

YOWorks feel sorry that the traces of Anaheim Records are disappearing. This web page is written to keep their traces.

Anaheim Records Statement

I said it the label, but it doesn't apply copyright management to the organization, with the 3 participating artists including myself at this time... Um, to say, it's all talk. Here comes my favourite original music only, and if you have the similar taste with me, here you will find fun to come. My thought is like this,
Is our music categorized to Techno for genre?? Anyway, my collection is mostly Electro-Music. But, as I told it at first, I accept and introduce any work like a band based music or a ridiculous pop song, when I think it "great".
This is just the beginning with few compositions. Releasing one new work in two months at least, I go for it at this pace.
NEW mark indicates an addition of the latest updating. The extracts are available for listening, but their sound qualities are poor and with no stream play option. (18.10.98 finally available) In this condition, I am nervous that it is really enough for a serious listening, for someone interested in, come into the order section. Remind that they are not free, I send you our CD or MD by postal deliver. (04.11.98 changed to sell CD only)
"Put in my music, too", to people who say it, I am here waiting. Come into the call for artist entry section. I have plans to introduce lots of work, and to express the label's characters, sensibilities and tastes, I am waiting for the entry of the music with originality from you all. They are few yet now, I have begun introducing the web sites that I think "great".
I am waiting for your e-mail with the impression, a hard criticism, etc.

Web Master: Funaki Shigehito (1998.10.11) 

translated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.

Anaheim Records Discography

01. Pink Noise / Shigehito Funaki
I created this seriously. Though my goal was to compose characteristic work, the latter half was made to a familiar feeling intentionally. Please listen to this at night alone in your room.

02. Bird's Tail / Mituhiro Morita
At first, I think this kind of music couldn't be judged from 2-3 minites trial listening. I would like you to listen to whole music in CD. For myself, as an creator, I like his manner of work, the way of ignoring the listener expectation. My favourite is track 8: professor Luvsanjav.

03. Kyookon Butterfly / The swimmerz 
(The title says: Butterflying for a Courtship)
there, it's The swimmerz. I am sorry that this work is out of print now. "Phew!" No more selling, but you can still have trial listening on the web. I can serve the whole tracks by MP3 when you request them. "Ah, I guess you won't do it."

04. No Purpose / Shigehito Funaki
The selections are mostly from compositions around August-October 1996. It was when I just got sampler, I recall that I tried various ways to work with it. 

05. LOOP LOOM / Seiji Funaki
My first album has come out. LOOP LOOM!!

06. at before down / neko no asioto
he first release of "neko no asioto": an alias for Morita. He presented his another side that was not shown before, such as a snare roll attack (laughs). Listening from his previous work "Bird's Tail", it might be interesting to know the changes of his tastes. On the other hand, he is very good guitarist. I like to say I want him to sing along his guitar, just saying. 

07. Craftman's amber works#001 / V.A.
Compiled and directed by tamaki. Contributers are MaM, Touru Fukuhara, Morihisa Ikeya plus 3 Ana-Rec guys. If you would like to contribute your work, send e-mail to Anaheim Records.
We welcome you to pick up the parts from these compositons to sample, if you want to use the used samples alone, I will tell you the sample library/the sources what we used. Make contact with me. (from tamaki)
For our CD card, I call for entry of photo, illustration, painting and more from you all. Send e-mail to Adachi. (from MaM)

08. Techno Scholarship Lesson#1 / V.A.
inally, the CD of Techno Scholaship at "Remix" page has come! Play it loud and enjoy as you like. "It comes at the usual Ana-Rec price." 

09. Techno Scholarship Lesson#2 / V.A.
he 2nd release of Techno Scholaship. The part from the original mix is very lessor than previous one! "Is this really the remix work?!" It may be because of the 2nd try, I feel there was a well coordinated play each other. 

original text by Anaheim Records, traslated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.

Anaheim Records Sampler

01. Shigehito Funaki Away Back In 2001 
02. Shigehito Funaki Pink Noise 
03. Shigehito Funaki Garamun2 
04. Mitsuhiro Morita 75's modernism
05. Mitsuhiro Morita no sun.no bird.no star.no form
06. Mitsuhiro Morita professor Luvsanjav and the greenfield
07. The swimmerz swim[edit]
08. Shigehito Funaki kiss

01. Seiji Funaki Sp
MaM Azahn-1215
03. Seiji Funaki Sol
04. Touru Fukuhara Rabbit bomb
05. Morihisa Ikeya Kon
06. tamaki Cranberry sauce
07. Shigehito Funaki Powder note
08. Shigehito Funaki a new day

16 compositions selected by YOWorks.

Download MP3 package: 1998 | 1999

You can find
All MP3s at Anaheim Records MP3 section. 

- Next Comming -

Anaheim Records takes a break for a while.
You can still enjoy our music files in the web site,
but the updates are no longer added for producer's circumstances.
I thought it's better to close everything forever,
but I changed my mind, hibernating for a while, promising a new start.

Thank you to all visitors.

See you next time at the new "Ana-Rec"!


original text by Funaki Shigehito, traslated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.


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