Techno Scholarship Lesson #3 (2000)

Various Artists Techno Scholarship Lesson #3

Techno Scholarship the 3rd, so-called Tech-Schor 2000, or Fools' Scholarship in another name, has changed its way a little from the previous two conventions. It called for entries of foolish songs, then, each student remixed the song which he liked.

01. F7 I am chipper son of the bitch
02. ACE The Last of Killer ACE Koroshiya ACE no Saigo
03. Yeppie Ant Sandals Arinko Sandaru
04. Wen U3
05. funaki1Go Marshmallow Man Mashumaroman
07. jamicow The Last of Killer ACE (Fruity-mix)
08. jamicow I am chipper son of the bitch (rock da house live mix)
09. ACE Super Machismo
11. Yeppie I am chipper son of the bitch (trippin')
12. F7 The Last of Killer ACE - Consomme
13. Yeppie Burial
14. Wen my saw
15. Yeppie U3 (surf 'n' snow)
16. funaki1Go Mashumaroman - Kashikoku Naritai mix
17. Yeppie Mashumaroman (fuwafuwa S)
18. jamicow Mashumaroman (FM Sound Street Demo mix)

14 & 17: Bonus track.

funaki1Go @ Anaheim Records
jamicow @ JMI
Wen @ 000
Yeppie @ YOWorks

tr01-tr05: Uploaded at their websites on 1st/April/2000.
tr06-tr13, tr15-tr16: Uploaded at their websites from 22/April/2000 to 1/May/2000.
Re-issue and card design by Yeppie for YOWorks.
Additional photo materials provided by ACE and F7.
Special thanks to funaki 1Go.

Copyright of each track is owned by each artist.
Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

Commentary about Ant Sandals

Poem by Yeppie (translated from Japanese to English):

If it means a dry love abandoned
From a story endless
It will roll down to the house of glass

My dance
Kind desperation

The bath supine
Slimmer peaky

Hi there

There is no meaning in the title Arinko Sandaru (Ant Sandals), neither in the words of this tune.

This work is one from my Harisen Poemer Yeppie series which had been introduced in a net. (Harisen is a kind of Japanese fan which has wider side to slap one's face or head in a "comedic" situation, when he (or she) spoke (or did) a fool thing. Poemer means poet. This wrong English is one of Japanese narrative English - so called Japanese English. The name Harisen Poemer is also taken from Hariken Polymer: a Japanese action SF.) The aim of this is; writing the words which have no meanings and which comes to my mind automatically, then rewriting them in Kanji which have the same pronaunciations, and/or exchanging their lines, and show the lines as a poem (laughs) which seems to have some meaning. Is it really so? I don't know.
In most cases, I composed the poems as results of confused and inexpressive mix of the words.

In Arinko Sandaru, I used rather common way to write words in Kanji, then arranged (or edited) the words. The sung melodies are made from edited adlib singings.

Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) @ YOWorks

Originally released by YOWorks 01.04.01.
Limited 6 copies edition included 2 special tracks:
Introduction - Rap the Tech-Schor and Mashumaroman (fuwafuwa).
No catalogue number

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