Yamaoka Yasuhiro - "Remix?" for ACE (1999)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro "Remix?" for ACE

01. Sleepwalking (destructive)
02. PIN.CC.O

Once, BBS at the web site of ACE (Tone Note/MIDI Strage) was the place for exchanging audio files and for discussion on music. He exhibited his Sleepwalking for Hammerhead feast. (Hammerhead is a rhythm machine simulator software.) Later, he remixed his own Sleepwalking: Sleepwalking (suicide-mix). I made destructive version from these two versions.
Several months later, he began using Acid (sound loop authoring software). PINOKO was his third work with Acid. The title PINOKO is taken from the name of the little girl character in Black Jack: manga by Tedzuka Osamu. The refference of her name and of the role are from Pinocchio: a well-known tale of the wooden little boy doll. The title PIN.CC.O, my transformed version for PINOKO, came from this background.
PINOKO is withdrawn from ACE's web site now, I don't know why.

Sleepwalking (destuctive) was originally released on 20.06.99.
PIN.CC.O was originally released in 11.99.

Download MP3: Sleepwalking (destructive) | PIN.CC.O

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