Techno Scholarship Lesson #1 (1999)

Remix project on the web: Techno Scholarship (1999-2001)

"Because each of us has a site for music, What do you think about remixing our music with each other?"

This message on a BBS is the starting point for the Techhno Scholarship. The members are the friends who met on the web. We choose one subject for the composition from members' ideas, and each contributes a remix in his own way.

The main website for this project was at Anaheim Records (out of business now). The project has stopped after 3 conventions from Jan/1999 - April/2000.

Various Artists Techno Scholarship Lesson #1

01. ACE Psychic Hi-kick
02. T.Matsuno/funaki1Go Introduce
03. jamicow "Psychic Hi-kick" Cosmic space style Mix
04. T.Matsuno Psychic Hi-kick Minimal Edit
05. AE35 Psychic Hi-kick Macroscope mix
06. funaki1Go PsychicFunachic
07. INSIDE Psychic Hi-kick INSIDE MIX
08. F7 Psychic Hi-kick Iconoclast MIX
09. ACE PsychoKiller lives on the second floor with his Cannon
10. Yeppie The Ghost of Psychic Hi-kick (secret track)

AE35 @ AE35
funaki1Go @ Anaheim Records
jamicow @ JMI
T.Matsuno @ TechnoPod
Yeppie @ YOWorks

Uploaded at their websites on 15th/January/1999.
Originally compiled by funaki 1Go with funaki 2Go for Anaheim Records.
Original CD card design: funaki 1Go.
Original materials: ACE (photo and logotype), F7 (font) and Yeppie (font and scholar mark).
Re-issue and CD card re-design: Yeppie for YOWorks.

Copyright of each track is owned by each creater.
Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

The Ghost of Psychic Hi-kick was intended to be a secret track.

Originally released by Anaheim Records 24.02.99.
No catalogue number.

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